Escape to Paris

Run to Paris

…this seems a good plan to me today!  Let’s Go!!

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Epiphany! …and Sparkle (of course).

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I’m one of those people who never looks back.  Truly! Most days I can’t even remember the day before! That’s why we have pictures and husbands, right?

So when it was suggested that I share pictures of my previous work, a moment of anxiety washed over me.  Just what had I created?

Epiphany! My body of work does speak to classic, timeless elegance with a vintage flair.  Yes, like a magpie I’ve always been drawn to Sparkle ♥ …and pieces created 6-years ago when I started this venture are as wearable today as the day created.  Affordable jewelry that can be worn for a lifetime ~ not discarded like last year’s worn trends.

So without further ado, here is a brief retrospective in (approximate) chronological order.  …’cause I don’t really remember, right?!?

Cheers & Happy Friday ♥

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…in the beginning


I’m a modern day romantic ~ hopelessly in love with the style, grace and elegance of the early 20th century. As a working woman, I found myself searching for well-crafted jewelry that spoke to my heart.

Then I went to Paris, and found my style and heart-home. Stylish women of all ages embracing classic lines with continental panache and that je ne sais quoi (certain something). It’s that legacy of timeless style and chic, sophisticated elegance that I bring to my designs.

I’m a one-woman show… designing, creating, photographing, packaging, shipping, customer service – you name it! It’s my labor of love.

My passion for quality means I scour estate sales and develop relationships with established estate sellers to find the best possible crystals and jewelry components for you. The modern pieces I find that fit my design aesthetic are usually USA-made metals and are the highest quality.

It has been my honor to create jewelry for thousands of stylish women, including red carpet appearances by established Hollywood icons, and young starlets (your secret is safe with me… I’ll never tell that you’re wearing rhinestones!). I’ve designed for Presidential Inaugural Balls, Cabaret & Theatre productions, and hundreds of brides, bridal parties, and fashionistas around the world.

Jewelry is an outward expression of our individuality.

Have you ever gone looking for that perfect jewelry accessory that spoke to your soul?  That one piece that in a single glance said “That’s Me!”?

I know I have ~ for myself and as treasured gifts.

With the start of a new year, I’m delighted to create a new line of jewelry expressly designed to celebrate our individuality.

Partnering with respected jewelry artists around the  world & sponsored by creative mentor and trusted supplier, Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B’Sue Boutiques, I look forward to sharing this new line with you over the next several months.

Stay Tuned & Happy New Year!

~ Lori / ParisienneGirl